My Ph.D. research

The photograph below is of the bubble produced by a seismic air-gun. As you can see it looks like a complicated, foamy mess! The aim of my Ph.D. was to model this...

During my PhD I conducted a review of the state of air-gun modelling, demonstrating many of the limitations of the models currently used by industry. I have developed a novel artificial boundary condition for use in finite volume simulations of oscillating bubbles and similar problems. I developed one- and two-dimensional finite volume schemes with sharp interface modelling to test the boundary condition. The boundary condition allows long run time simulations of such problems on highly truncated domains. Results demonstrate the efficacy of the boundary condition, capture asymmetric bubble phenomena not included in previous air gun models, and suggest a novel explanation for higher frequencies observed in data.

I submitted my thesis on the 9th of December 2014. I passed my viva on the 9th of April 2015.

Arising from my Ph.D. research I have three papers, links to which can be found on my CV page.

The code developed during my thesis is available online: 1D code and 2D code.

An air-gun bubble

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